FuturePerth is no longer active. This page represents our volunteer committee during the years of operation 2008-2016.



Photo of Sean MorrisonSean Morrison (Chair)

Sean studied urban planning at Curtin University and has been working for a private planning consulting firm for almost five years. He has a keen interest in public transport, politics and everything in between.

Photo of John van BockxmeerJohn van Bockxmeer (Vice Chair)

John has discovered the secret to inventing an extra two hours each day. A junior doctor, gym instructor and Six Thousand contributor, if John was reborn as an animal he would be a grasshopper jumping from leaf to leaf.

Photo of Robyn KenneallyRobyn Kenneally (Treasurer)

Robyn recently graduated from Curtin University with a degree in urban planning.

Photo of Liam GobbertLiam Gobbert (Secretary)

Liam represents progress and reason in our northern suburbs. A proud Joondalup Councillor Liam is a passionate cyclist and also an occasional sandwich artist. If Liam was an ice-cream flavour he would be green tea.

Photo of Aaron AugustsonAaron Augustson

Aaron is an undergraduate urban planner at Curtin University and is unashamedly an avid Collingwood fan. He takes an active interest in public transport and politics. Aaron’s favourite biscuit is a Monte Carlo.

Photo of Simon BlackwellSimon Blackwell

Simon is a keen urban designer and general globe wanderer. Once quoted as saying “Perth is Heaven… but I’m too young to die”, he is now beginning to like his hometown so much he might just stay! An advocate of people-centred design and sustainable urbanism, Simon is quick to point out the issues plaguing Perth, but equally optimistic about its future.

Photo of Brian HarrisBrian Harris

Brian has recently moved over to Perth from NSW and aren’t we glad! With his background in architecture Brian has an eye for detail and adds creative talent to the committee.

Photo of Kira RikkersKira Rikkers

Kira is a proud Perth advocate currently working in the travel industry. Fluent in French and Japanese, she is also a writer for Urban Walkabout in Perth as well as a guide for Two Feet & a Heartbeat walking tours. Kira’s favourite spots include William and Beaufort Streets and she dreams of a more vibrant and less car-reliant Perth.