PERTHour (2010)

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PERTHour was a series of discussion forums conducted in 2010, designed to broaden our perspectives on urban issues. Held at Tranby Hall in the Wesley Quarter (97 William St, Perth), the program was specifically designed to be interactive, intimate and enjoyable with short presentations followed by plenty of question and discussion time.

Many thanks to those who attended the series.

Event photographs and presenter details can be found at the pages below.

FIRSThour – Creativity, Social Capital and Vibrancy

12 March 2010 | Speaker: Charles Landry

How are we connected to the urban environment? Does creativity and culture pave the way for the future of our city? In the first session of PERTHour we explored how networks of social capital can employ creativity to add vibrancy to civil society. More…

SECONDhour – Small Bars and Big Plans

7 April 2010 | Speakers: Michel Ludwig, Luke Carrangis, Anthony Princi, Gary Beadle, Jennifer Allen

Liquor license deregulation has resulted in a momentous movement towards small bars. Does our current legislation go far enough? What do you think of the emerging bar scene? In our second edition of PERThour enjoy a stimulating discussion with those directly involved in the industry. More…

THIRDhour – Design. Build. Sustainability.

5 May 2010 | Speakers: Peter Lee, Stuart Hicks

Are we missing the architectural ‘wow ‘ factor in Perth? With every white apartment block scarring Adelaide Terrace are we selling our our city’s soul for a quick buck? Key Presenters outline major sustainability milestones and how we can embrace change without costing the earth. More…

FINALhour – The Authority on Perth’s Future

9 June 2010 | Speakers: Lisa Scaffidi, Alannah MacTiernan, Jim Krynen

What is your vision for this city? Help us analyse common criticisms: a lack of economic diversity, W.A ‘monoculture’ and boom-bust cycles. With our rising population can we really create a world class metropolis without a resultant class divide? More…