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SECONDhour – Small Bars and Big Plans

7 April 2010

At night Perth is a scary and desolate wasteland… wrong! Liquor license regulation has resulted in a momentous movement towards small bars. Down each laneway Perth’s after-dark personalities are conjuring up new and exciting sensory experiences. Nevertheless, restrictive opening hours and government by-laws are proving difficult for some bar owners.

Does our current legislation go far enough? What do you think of the emerging bar scene? In our second edition of PERThour we enjoyed a stimulating discussion with those directly involved in the industry… and learned about how to open a small bar.


Michel LudwigSpeaker: Michel Ludwig

Michel has been a director of Kool Kreative in Subiaco for the past three years. Before this he has spent time honing his skills in advertising agencies across Europe. Michael loves nothing more than getting elbow deep into the nuts and bolts of creating large publications.


Luke CarrangisSpeaker: Luke Carrangis

If you study Luke’s approach to images, you’ll soon see that still life can havedepth and emotion. It comes as no surprise then when you realise that Luke has been balancing a doctorate in Psychology with professional photography services for four years.


Anthony PrinciSpeaker: Anthony Princi

Anthony can juggle it all. Next to driving a spate of successful start up businesses, Anth is a presenter on RTRFM 92.1 Community Radio, manager of local outfit MØDULARMAN and is involved in a raft of community art projects. The perennial over-achiever, Anthony adds that special bit of zest to the Barcode project.


Speaker: Gary Beadle

Owner of Bar 399.


Speaker: Jennifer Allen

Client Liaison Officer, Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor.