State Election Guide (2013)


Hello there! Welcome to FuturePerth’s guide to the upcoming State Election on March 9, 2013.

What We’ve Done and Why

FuturePerth has been contacting Ministers and Shadow Ministers, as well as the Greens, to get their commitments on major urban issues down in writing. We really appreciate the time given to us by our politicians. We know they get a rough ride, but somebody has to do it.

We understand you are all busy beavers and don’t have time to trawl through old newspapers and party websites – so we did all the hard work for you!

What To Do

It’s easy – just click on the images below for each major urban issue to see what each party told us, along with our opinion of what they said. We’ve provided links to follow should you wish to read more.

Then all you need to do is vote for whichever party matches up with what you think is important – be it the Liberal Party, WA Labor, Sarah Palin, the Greens or anything in between. Enjoy!

Our Overall Impression

FuturePerth would never tell you how to vote.

Nevertheless, we have taken a close look at what each party is proposing – and it certainly is clear that this election is about priorities. There’s a clear choice available.

Do you support the Elizabeth Quay development, inner city light rail, a new WA museum, an airport rail line and major outdoor stadium at Burswood? You might choose to vote for your local Liberal.

Do you want a suburban heavy rail system that would put other Australian cities to shame, the stadium to stay put in Subiaco, are not really fussed about the museum and want a scaled-down waterfront project? Take a look at WA Labor.

You may have already made up your mind, or you may have not have even been aware an election is coming up – either way it’s time to start weighing up your choices. So, dear reader, what are your priorities?

Share Your Thoughts

We invite you to have your say in the “Comments” section of each page.


Elizabeth Quay Public Transport Inner City Housing New WA Museum
New Outdoor Stadium Liquor Licensing Reform Local Government Reform Planning Reform

Image credits
Top row (left to right): Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, XanderLeaDaren, Brian Harris, Paolo Margari.
Bottom row (left to right): Government of Western Australia, Marcel Germain, Izennah Hogan, Brian Harris.

Download full responses

The per-issue responses were extracted from these letters:

Further information

If you’d like to learn more, these external links may be helpful:

  1. Don Hyland says:

    I’m not a Party person per se, vote for the person not the Party.

    Would like to hear though the Premiers response to the allegation that his government is planning to increase the third party insurance component of all motor vehicle licenses in order to bail out Insurance Commission of WA/RiskCover (again – remember WA Inc) because of out of control Public Service stress related Workers Compensation claims as was flagged by Troy Buswell a few weeks ago in a very quiet almost unreported and sneaky way.

  2. Karl says:

    Nice work guys! The BTA have also done up a score card that rates the various parties on their commitments, policies and strategies in regards to bicycles in Perth/WA…
    have a look:

  3. Paul says:

    What about the gas hub in the Kimberley Coast? or the cancer legacy of asbestos?

    There’s more at stake then sports and city beautification.

    Also there are more than two parties to vote for.