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“Perth deserves an amazing museum just like every other city in the world.”

What did we ask?

Yes or no, will you commit to commencing construction of a new WA Museum in the next term of Government?

If yes, where?

Why did we ask it?

Great cities have great stories to tell. And where better to tell a story than in an architecturally brilliant museum?

Unfortunately most of WA’s artefacts are sitting in a warehouse in Welshpool – with some on display in the Cultural Centre in the current ‘museum’ which is about as big as your forehead.

Perth deserves an amazing museum just like every other city in the world.

Image source:
Paolo Margari


Liberal Response

“The Barnett Government committed to building a new State Museum in the Perth Cultural Centre, allocating $428 million in the most recent State Budget. The project is currently in the project definition phase, with forward construction works due to commence in 2015 and completion in late 2019.

The decision was hailed by internationally renowned British Museum Director Neil McGregor as ‘great news, not just for Australia, but for the world’.

Opposed by Labor, the new Museum will be an internationally recognised facility and destination.

It will enhance the State’s cultural and civic life, and will become a place where our children explore the State’s unique history, flora and fauna, and the world around them.”

FuturePerth comment:

We can’t wait to check out the Libs’ promised museum.

If the big-L Liberals get back into government, we will be on their back to ensure we get an international design competition for this building. *Cough, Zaha Hadid, cough.*

Labor Response

“Due to the condition of the State’s finances, with an extraordinary increase in state net debt and a tenuous surplus, WA Labor has made the difficult decision to defer the building of a new museum so as to be able to provide other essential infrastructure and services.”

FuturePerth comment:

Ouch. This is a position FuturePerth simply cannot support.

We do not appreciate that WA Labor has proposed delaying Perth’s new museum indefinitely – every great city should and must have one. And a brilliant one at that.

The only positive we can take from this is that at least Labor hasn’t promised to do a new museum on the cheap – which we feel would be an even worse outcome than a lengthy delay.

Greens Response

“The new Western Australian Museum is long overdue. The Greens would support a State Government commitment of $428 million over 4 years for the design and construction of this project, including the relevant provision in the forward estimates for each phase of the development.”

FuturePerth comment:

Great news from the Greens in supporting this vital project.

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  1. Lise Summers says:

    The decision by the Labor Party to defer construction of a new museum is disappointing, to say the least. However, while the Liberals have a ‘place holder’ of $70 million in forward estimates over the next four years, they do not expect completion until 2020. Only the Greens have come out in favour of works in the immediate future.

  2. Max Hipkins says:

    I support an early start on the construction of a new museum for Perth – Max Hipkins, Independent candidate for Nedlands

  3. crave says:

    If Libs have committed to the build, perhaps if Libs return to government, future perth and the likes can push to expedite and bring forward ..