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“Western Australians work hard and deserve to spectate in style.”

What did we ask?

Will you commence construction of the Burswood outdoor stadium in the next term of government?

If not, when and where?

Why did we ask it?

Subiaco Oval is fast approaching its ‘used-by-date’ and we need a new major outdoor stadium ASAP. Not only is Subiaco too small, it’s not up to scratch to the glitzy stadiums we see around the world. Western Australians work hard and deserve to spectate in style.

It is great to finally see both major parties committing to a major new outdoor stadium – both apparently in time for the 2018 footy season. As you can see below, the issue from there is where we want to put the stadium, and how much moolah we are willing to spend.

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Government of Western Australia


Liberal Response

No response on behalf of the Government.

FuturePerth received a brief response from the Nationals on this issue, as the Minister responsible for sport is a member of the National Party. You can view the response here: Election Guide – Full Responses.

FuturePerth comment:

The Liberals have promised to build a major new 60,000 seat outdoor stadium on the Burswood peninsula to be ready for the 2018 footy season (expandable to 70 and 80 thousand seats at later stages). The stadium will originally be set in a ‘parkland’ environment (read: boring), however the Premier has promised to build the new Scitech centre there and eventually a new mixed use precinct called ‘Eastside’.

You can see the Liberals stadium plans at Check out the Project Definition Plan for a comprehensive overview of what is being proposed.

FuturePerth believes that the Burswood location offers the best ‘transformational’ potential in terms of future urban development and stadium expansion opportunities.

Labor Response

“Colin Barnett delayed the building of a new stadium by two years when he overturned the results of the Major Stadia Taskforce and the previous WA Labor decision to build a new stadium at Kitchener Park. WA Labor has consistently asserted that a new stadium at Kitchener Park can be built within the same timeframe as Barnett’s Burswood proposal and save WA taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.”

FuturePerth comment:

The Opposition Leader has promised a 60,000 seat stadium to be built at Kitchener Park, Subiaco by the start of the 2018 footy season.

Mr McGowan has proposed the switch in order to save almost $300 million. We are concerned that this plan may not have the option to add additional capacity at later stages.

Greens Response

“The Greens oppose the construction on the Burswood Peninsula of the Perth stadium and the two associated developments of a sports precinct, and an extended Casino and six star hotel proposed by James Packer.

In summary, the reasons for this are:

  • The site was previously a rubbish tip and sewerage treatment site. Extensive testing is needed but known contaminants are fly-ash and industrial waste from the East Perth Power Station and asbestos has been unearthed in the excavations for the Casino parking lot. In the upheaval of preparing the site for development, there is a serious risk that unknown toxins and contaminants will be washed from the surface of the site into the Swan River by heavy rains or seepage through the groundwater.
  • A public environmental review and public consultation should have been conducted prior to any development approval being granted.
  • The Major Stadia Taskforce analysed four possible sites for the Perth stadium, and ranked Burswood as the least favourable site. As stated in the Public Accounts Committee’s Review of Selected Infrastructure Projects, “The consequences of the Government decision committing to Burswood without full information regarding the scope, cost, time frames and risks to deliver the asset relative to other sites are yet to unravel”.
  • No explanation has been provided to justify the sale of land to James Packer for the proposed casino and hotel at a $35million discount on the Valuer General’s valuation of the land, or the exemption of this proposal from the usual development approval process.”

FuturePerth comment:

No stadium or 6 star hotel! FuturePerth does not support the Greens’ position as we believe the peninsula offers amazing development potential to densify our inner city – not to mention that Perth needs a few more hotels. (It’s important to remember though that the proposed hotel is a separate, private undertaking.)

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