Site Tours

As part of our mission to collaborate, inspire and showcase, FuturePerth partners with local businesses conducting development site tours. Members are given the opportunity to attend on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Background briefings from the architects and builders themselves give a unique insight into the development process.

Elizabeth Quay Site Tour

19 September 2014

20 FuturePerth members and supporters were lucky enough to be treated to a first-hand look at the future of Perth’s Elizabeth Quay site by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority.

IMG_3852 IMG_3855

Fiona Stanley Hospital tour

21 February 2012

On Tuesday 21st February, 17 FuturePerth members were rushed to the Emergency Department at Fiona Stanley Hospital…for our 4th group site tour! This was a great opportunity to hear from Brookfield Multiplex about the important role the facility will have in our State’s future. Our tour began with a stroll by the native parkland to see some of the new artwork commissioned especially for the project. We then made our way through the main artery (pardon the pun) of the hospital on the podium level where we saw the new home of the West Australian Institute of Medical Research as well as patient rooms and the striking new buildings inspired by our native banksia tree.

We hitched a ride to the roof of the main building to see the helipad and to take in the enormous scale of the project. After taking a few happy snaps, we made our way down to level 3, out onto the roof, and had a look at the innovative techniques used for the roof-top gardens. Towards the end of the tour, we were able to see the cancer treatment ward and the impressive concourse level before winding our way out. This promises to be a first-class hospital when it is finished, and by the looks of things so far, it definitely will be!

City Square tour

17 June 2011

On Friday 17th June 2011 FuturePerth were given the opportunity to tour the City Square site at 125 St George’s Terrace following the completion of all 47 levels earlier this month. Our group took the service elevator to the rooftop (208m) where construction on the eight storey cage structure had just commenced. After taking a series of group photos we descended to the impressive two-storey curtain walled future BHP Billiton staff hub at level 45. We learnt about various interesting structural components of the building including the side K frame core structure which helps to maximise floor space and river views.

After observing the internal staircase from level 33 through 44 we viewed an office fitout and were impressed with the 150mm raised floor which allows easy access for data cabling to each partitioned desk. We concluded the tour with a visit to the podium level and historic buildings which are the sites for a number of retail and hospitality functions. We observed the print hall and had a tour of Newspaper House which promises to look stunning after Brookfield Multiplex have completed their works.

Many thanks to David for showing us this impressive site.

Bankwest Tower visit

15 February 2010 | Photos by Brian Harris and Alvin Dewse

In the heyday of the eighties Alan Bond’s 247m tower on the Palace Hotel site represented the pinnacle of Perth’s resource boom. Designed by architects Cameron Chisolm & Nicol, the tower was planned so that all office areas embraced stunning Swan River views. The building has fourteen passenger lifts with one retaining exclusive access to the top floor penthouse suite. FuturePerth were lucky enough to receive access to this suite to conduct a meeting and capture rare photographs of city development sites from the air before heading down to the boardroom for a meeting.

FuturePerth members at one40william construction siteone40william tour

18 September 2009 | Full report (PDF)

FuturePerth members were invited to participate in a full ‘hard-hat’ construction site tour of the one40william development (140 William St, Perth). After receiving an official invitation from Hassell an announcement was made at the FuturePerth annual general meeting on Monday 14 September 2009. Ten interested members signed up for the tour, which took place between 2:45pm and 4:30pm on Friday 18 September 2009.