Why Not? 33 Ideas to Change Perth

If you could change one thing about Perth, what would you do?

Perth is a city torn between its past and future. As we move ever closer to a population of two million people, we are enjoying the fruits of prosperity with more places to live, work and play. This unprecedented growth has, however, exposed a lag between policy and reality. Perth is competing for creative minds, investment and relevance on a global scale, making the planning of our city more crucial than ever.

Recent State and Federal funding has allowed transformational projects such as the Perth City Link, Waterfront and Riverside precincts to finally come to fruition. These developments will change the face of Perth, but are only one part of our city’s evolution. In 2010 the City of Perth inspired the imagination of our city through ten ‘What if?’ concepts.

The Why Not? Project adds a new dimension to this dialogue. No project is too big or small to make a difference. Why not build a pedestrian bridge over the Swan River to South Perth? Or why not install a series of bicycle pumps for our urban cyclists? This is just a taste of the selection of innovative and achievable initiatives that form the Why Not? Project.

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We invite you to share your thoughts in the “Comments” section of each page. Your own ideas and submissions are also welcome!

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1. Museum of Perth 12. Rent-a-Pet 23. Pump, Pump, Pump It Up!
2. Water Water Everywhere 13. Find a Wee Solution 24. Rollin' on the River
3. What's That Green Thing? 14. Kebab Shops: Hot or Not? 25. Swap Four Wheels for Two
4. We Like to Move it, Move it 15. Shooting Blanks 26. Glue it back together again
5. Vacant to Vibrant 16. Thank God You're Here 27. Watering Holes by the Water
6. You Spin Me Right Round 17. Trolls Can't Climb 28. Bring Back the Kick-flip
7. The Sky is Not The Limit 18. Secret's Out 29. Breakfast on our Bridge
8. U-Turn on the Horseshoe 19. I Think, Therefore I Tram 30. Perth Easter Egg Hunt
9. South Side Represent 20. Train of Thought 31. Saint Gorgeous Terrace
10. Make the Freeway Fun 21. Powered Walking 32. Admiral Adelaide and Saint George
11. Let's Go Lego 22. The Next Train Departs In... 33. You Call That a Prawn?